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Hi there! I’m Julie.  Originally born and raised in Northern Ontario, I have laid down my roots here  in Ottawa since 1999.  I have since personally bought and sold homes in different areas of Ottawa, explored different fields of work, and established myself as a successful  Realtor all while raising a son on my own.  My heart skips a beat for all things creative.  When I am not out hustling and grinding in the real estate world, you will likely find me at the beach or out exploring and photographing the world and all the beauty that nature offers. I have a passion for life, a love for animals, coffee and microbreweries.

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Why did I choose Real Estate?

ONE WORD… Happiness

One morning I woke up and realized I had everything I had ever wanted…a great paying job, a house, a car, and a family….there was only one thing missing….HAPPINESS…..I wasn’t happy. WHY? Because, I had not followed my heart, my passion but rather did what was expected of me by society. I went to college, got a job, got married and had children. I never once asked myself….who am I? What lights my soul on fire? What do I love?
So that morning, I woke up and finally asked myself those questions. I realized that I loved helping people, I had a passion for creativity and wanted to run my own business…and so much more. Real estate was a perfect match.💗


Why hire me?

I love what I do and it is reflected in the way I carry myself and my business. I chose Real Estate because I LOVE it. I left a high paying salary job with benefits, a pension and risked it all to pursue happiness.

I do it all, for the love of real estate and for my well being. Well, of course money is important as well and helps me provide for myself, my family and allows me to live the life I love…but the drive comes from my passion of this business and my love to help people.


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Fun facts you may not know about me

  • I have a chemical engineering diploma.
  • I worked in Forensics and in Nuclear Medicine prior to becoming a REALTOR®.
  • I trained a group of FBI in Quantico, Virginia.
  • I own a motorcycle….or two.
  • I love beer, wine and everything fine.

Want to find out more fun facts about me?  Hire me.


OTTAWA, Ontario K2B 7Z5

Phone number
Direct: 613-816-0487
Office: 613-596-5353